The purpose of this exercise is to have the participant reflect on their beliefs regarding the causes for when they don’t have the success they desire in their lives and making the changes needed to get there. This is intended to be completed on an individual basis but could be shared with a trusted individual to validate the participants perspective or provide suggested changes.
Instruct the participants with the following steps without providing much guidance beyond what is provided. You don’t want to influence their responses such that they alter how they write them down initially with regards to taking 100% responsibility.
  1. Reflect on a current project, goal or relationship in your life that is realizing less than the success you desire.

  2. Write the top three to five reasons you believe why this situation is less than successful.

  3. Review the reasons you’ve written down and look for wording that indicates or demonstrates not taking 100% responsibility for the results – look for wording that is blaming others or making excuses

  4. Rewrite the reasons stated in a manner as actions where you “take 100% responsibility for the results” and not blaming others or making excuses – write these actions in a way that states the positive condition you want to exist and not the absence of a negative condition

  5. Begin incorporating the actions into your daily meditation, goal affirmation and action items
Reason: My marriage is strained because my wife doesn’t listen to me and understand my needs
Action (Positive Condition): I need to communicate more effectively with my wife, so she better understands my needs
Action (Absence of Negative Condition): I need to communicate more effectively with my wife, so our marriage isn’t strained