Directions: Read the set of descriptors for each ‘Top Ten’ characteristic and place an ‘x’ on the continuum where you believe you fall. Be honest with yourself and go with the placement that first comes to mind. There is no benefit to over-estimating your real place on the continuum.

Low self-esteem; believe outperformed by most others
Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem
Very strong self-concept; Believe you can outperform everyone else
Skeptical, have doubts about most things & focus on what you don’t want
Thinking In a Positive Concept
Know exactly what you want to achieve & think about the income in a positive context
Always make excuses for things that didn’t happen
100% Responsibility for Their Results
Never play the blame game & always take full responsibility for results
Intend to work hard, but there’s always a reason or excuse as to why not
Work Ethic
Works harder then all others; Stays focused and on task, doesn’t waste time
Live in a comfort zone and don’t like to go out of it
Above Average Ambition
Burning desire to win, to be successful, and to be the best
See the current sale for what it is, closing a sale and not opening a relationship
High Levels of Empathy
Genuine care for the customer & aim for long-term relationships
Might or might not have a target in mind, no idea how many contacts they need
Intensely Goal-Oriented
Know exactly what they want to achieve, need to do & what actions to take
Don’t believe they sell the best products and use that as an excuse
Belief In Their Products
Believe strongly in themselves, their products and the company/brand
Not aware of techniques and don’t believe in using them
Mental Rehearsal Techniques
Well educated and well versed on techniques and use them to great effect
Satisfied with knowledge and performance, little or no desire for new knowledge/skill
Personal Development
Continuously developing themselves every way possible even on own time

Post Assessment Evaluation: Review your results and make note of the top 2-3 characteristics and the lowest 2-3 characteristics. Develop strategies for leveraging your top strengths to increase your effectiveness. Select one or two of the lowest characteristics and add a development goal to your Development Plan to strengthen the lowest characteristics selected.

*Source: Top Achiever Self-Assessment is based on “Top Ten Characteristics of Top Achievers” from Close More Deals by Jeff Smith