Top 10 Characteristics of Top Achievers
Jeff Smith is affectionately known as the “KPI Guy” and is the World’s #1 Leading Expert on KPI and Business Strategy. Jeff is also a best-selling author having sold more books on KPI’s and Business Strategy than any other author. In this podcast, listen to Jeff’s own description of the Top 10 Characteristics of the Top Achievers and what it takes for you too to be a ‘Top Achiever’. The Top 10 Characteristics of Top Achievers was first published by Jeff in his book Close More Deals. The Top 10 Characteristics were derived from years of research by Jeff and compiled to provide guidance regarding what sets Top Achievers apart from the rest of the crowd.  

Self-Assessment Tool

The Top Achiever Self-Assessment was developed by Dan Menden to complement Jeff Smith’s Top 10 Characteristics of the Top Achievers list. Dan Menden is the former Director of Dealer Training for Harley-Davidson University and is an independent business consultant and Managing Director of Mensch Performance. Dan is also an award-winning and best-selling author. The Top Achiever Self-Assessment provides a simple and powerful tool for completing a self-assessment of the the Top 10 Characteristics to assist with identifying strengths and areas for improvement. The Self-Assessment tool can also be shared with managers, co-workers and others to get additional feedback.

Download Self-Assessment Tool