What does it sound like when you experience setbacks or don’t get the results you desire? Are you making excuses or blaming others for the problems or are you taking responsibility and choosing a more effective response? Listen to how you respond to events and choose a response of 100% responsibility. This will not always be the easiest path forward, but it will be the path forward with the most success.We can’t control or change the events in our life. We can only try to create a better outcome by choosing a more effective response

Blaming the event or making excuses for our shortcomings is the easy way out. It absolves us from owning the outcome by giving up our power to affect a better outcome. Think about the choices you make and where your energy is focused when confronted by setbacks or
challenges. Do you take the easy way out by blaming the event or are you focused on your response and how you can get the results you desire? Listen to your words and reflect on your actions. Choose to focus on your response. Are you ready to change your life and your business? We look forward to working with you!
Can your organization benefit from your leaders and employees taking 100% responsibility for their results and holding each other accountable in a healthy and productive manner? Are your processes out of alignment with the brand image and customer experience that you desire? If you answered yes to either of these questions, Mensch Performance can help with a training solution to address and affect long-term, sustainable improvement in these keys areas. We have core principles and strategies for success that we will customize to your specific circumstances and brand image. Our strategies for success are rooted in the Jack Canfield’s Success Principles and applied to your real-life circumstances.
If you want to start building a culture of responsibility, accountability and success, give us a call today for a ‘no obligation’ consult to discuss your individual needs.

Daniel Menden